let's create together.

I was born in a small city in east Germany, raised in grey concrete block houses, having Tote Oma* in kindergarten and Phở Bò** at home, jumping from one language to the other, living in places around the world – until I found peace within myself not looking for the right place to feel the sense of home.

Sometimes I would introduce myself as Thain, another time as Phuong Thanh – depending on my surrounding. I’m currently living and working in Berlin. Graduated in Communication Design at University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam and never regretted it. During the past 6+ years of my career I specialized in Art Direction, Graphic Design, Filmmaking, Animation/Illustration, Brand Identity and UI/UX Design. After publishing my first film „Sorge 87“ that was shown on different film festivals worldwide and won different prices, I noticed the impact of creating with authenticity. Design has the power to make an impact, to inspire and even empower.

Besides my work as a designer, I also do holistic handpoke sessions, and I'm a certified yoga teacher and sound therapist.

*translated „dead grandma“ – a sarcastic name for a typical east german dish
**a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup