Art Direction |visual concepts - illustration - animation - collage


In my period at VICE I was working as a Junior Art Director where I was involved in launching VICE Snapchat Discover in Germany. As we were starting from zero, we had to think of concepts that would work with the visual identity of VICE and the audience of Snapchat. We were mainly working on creative concepts that were visualizing articles that VICE has published by breaking them down for the Snapchat target group. These were short videos that were no longer than 10 seconds aiming to make viewers swipe up to read the full articles. We were either working with given images or create/illustrate our own ideas and animate them. Furthermore I was involved in the onboarding process of a group of motion design interns.


VICE SnapchatArt Direction

COUP MobilityBrand Design


Nashi44Music Video

Offener ProzessExhibition Design

Sorge 87Short Animated Film